How to Setup Email Forwarding

After purchasing a private address, you can forward its emails to another address. (Forwarding is not available for public disposable email addresses.)


Forward to Other Email Address

Any email address you own may be forwarded to another email address you own. This allows you to consolidate many email addresses into a single inbox.

For example, if you own,,, and, you could setup the following scheme:

  • forwards to
  • forwards to
  • forwards to
  • is checked by POP3 in GMail


Catch-All Domain Forwarding Addresses

Catch-All email address can receive all the mail for your custom domain that is hosted on Mailsac, and optionally forward it to another address. Catch-All inboxes are just an asterisk and the domain, like *


Alternate Forwarding

By writing a little code, you can forward emails to a Webhook URL or a Web Socket.